Released an open source clipboard utility - Clipboard Auto Processor
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Here are the readme contents:

1. Introduction

Clipboard Auto Processor is a utility to process the text in clipboard automatically. Unlike other clipboard enhancement softwares which could only manage the history contents, this tool can execute any script to process the content automatically.

The script can be written in any language that you are familiar with, such as PHP, Python or JavaScript. It only needs to implement the conversion from original text to desired result. Other works will be all done by Clipboard Auto Processor.

2. Usage

Download the latest release version, and extract it to any location that have write permission. Generally any folder except Windows, Program Files and C drive root is OK.

When the ClipboardAutoProcessor.exe is running for the first time, it will create the config.ini file based on the current system language. And then you can edit this file to set script interpreter, display font and other options.

You can manually create the shortcut, and put it into start menu or on desktop. But it is more recommended to use a launcher, such as Launchy, Wox and Keypirinha, to quickly open and use at any time.

3. Sample scripts

Convert the backslashes in copied path list (js, php, python)

Adjust the text format copied from PDF document (php)

Generate array define code from hex string (php)

AStyle coding style beautifier (ini)

Current language: English · 其他语言: 中文 (简体)
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