AutoJewel 0.1.0 -- a program that plays Bejeweled 3 automatically
Today I spent all day modifying the program that can play Bejeweled 3 automatically, which is first mentioned in June. It was just a prototype written in one night at the beginning, but now it is not too bad to release. I have put the source code and binary files on Google Code.

Download source (
Download binaries (

Instructions: Run Bejeweled and AutoJewel at the same time. After setting the parameters properly, enter the corresponding game mode in Bejeweled. And then press the default global hotkey Ctrl + F8 to make AutoJewel start running.

Something I want to say, is that currently this program does not have any intelligence. So do not compare it with the high-level players, and it cannot be normal any more that the scores it got are lower than many human players.

As I have said in the previous entry, this program is aimed at the visual effects of Bejeweled, rather than a high score. And it was coded to play mainly the Lightning mode. Other modes are just be supported passingly. For example it plays Ice Storm mode totally the same way as Lightning mode. As for the Classic mode, it only slows down the speed and gives the match on the top a higher priority.

Lightning mode (highest multiplier is 9, final score 4194k)

Ice Storm mode (highest multiplier is 8, final score 1517k)

Classic mode (achieved level 13, final score 743k)

Balance mode (purely for fun)

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