Guide to WPML
WPML (Wudi Personal Markup Language) is a markup language which is similar to the Wiki Markup.

The available markups in comment are listed below:

'''Bold''' Bold
''Italic'' Italic
[ Wudi Labs] Wudi Labs
[ %5BWudi%20Labs%5D] [Wudi Labs]
$ echo "plain text"
plain text
$ echo "plain text"
plain text
<code lang="php" number="1">
// show "hello world"
function show() {
    echo "hello world";
  1. <?php
  2. // show "hello world"
  3. function show() {
  4.     echo "hello world";
  5. }
  6. ?>
<code lang="php" number="1" firstline="3">
function show() {
    echo "hello world";
  1. function show() {
  2.     echo "hello world";
  3. }

The available highlight languages:

actionscript, actionscript3, bash, c, cpp, csharp, css, diff, html,
java, java5, javascript, latex, mysql, perl, php, sql, xml
Current language: English · 其他语言: 中文 (简体)
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A syntax system which is similar to wiki markup is available, see the guide