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1. Introduction

Clipboard Auto Processor is a utility to process the text in clipboard automatically. Unlike other clipboard enhancement softwares which could only manage the history contents, this tool can execute any script to process the content automatically.

The script can be written in any language that you are familiar with, such as PHP, Python or JavaScript. It only needs to implement the conversion from original text to desired result. Other works will be all done by Clipboard Auto Processor.

2. Usage

Download the latest release version, and extract it to any location that have write permission. Generally any folder except Windows, Program Files and C drive root is OK.

When the ClipboardAutoProcessor.exe is running for the first time, it will create the config.ini file based on the current system language. And then you can edit this file to set script interpreter, display font and other options.

You can manually create the shortcut, and put it into start menu or on desktop. But it is more recommended to use a launcher, such as Launchy, Wox and Keypirinha, to quickly open and use at any time.

3. Sample scripts

Convert the backslashes in copied path list (js, php, python)

Adjust the text format copied from PDF document (php)

Generate array define code from hex string (php)

AStyle coding style beautifier (ini)

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已经成功将 Spleeter 引入到了 BeatShow 的音频处理过程中
经过两个周末的努力,已经成功将 Spleeter 引入到 BeatShow 中,用于音频文件的预处理。现在像《东风破》这样节奏比较慢,人声分离度不是很高的音乐也可以处理了。



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发现了一个开源的人声和乐器音轨分离软件 Spleeter


我每隔一段时间就会搜一遍音乐节拍识别、人声和乐器分离以及小型灯光秀设备相关的东西,这次搜出大问题了。去年 11 月,一法国公司开源了 spleeter 程序及已训练好的模型,效果和售价 1000 多刀的 RX7 软件中的 Music Rebalance 功能一样好。考虑之后把这个类库作为前置处理环节引入 BeatShow 了,这样流行音乐就也能处理了。
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FFmpeg 的 Windows build 现在有了 LGPL 版本

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Added filtering devices by name feature in the open source C# USB library Device.Net
The modified Device.Net library on Github:
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BeatShow 的一种新的硬件形式
新硬件,名字还没确定。这个设备是 USB 供电+通信的,Win7 以上的系统免驱。

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